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From the moment of conception, your body began nurturing and providing for your unborn child. As your baby grows inside you, your body will continue to change and care for your child.

As your doula or childbirth educator, my wish is for you is that you will cherish each moment of your pregnancy. From our first meeting to the moment nature decides it is time for you to be a mother, I will be you companion.

Through my prenatal care, childbirth classes and doula sessions, I will help prepare you for life as a mother. I teach comfort techniques that alleviate your pain and discomfort, share evidence-based information about health and wellness, and help you understand what is happening to you, your body, and your baby.

Giving birth is a gift. Please contact me to find out how I can help you prepare for this wonderful event.

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I am exceedingly qualified.

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I have served hundreds of families.

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Birth Doulas are expert care givers for expecting families. Have answers, insights, and helping hands during your birth experience.

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Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doulas welcome your infant by supporting you and your family once the baby arrives. Have life's burdens lightened for a while.

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Nutritional Birth and More Wellness Tea is for drinking during pregnancy and restorative bath is for after baby is born.

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My teas and baths provide an additional source of nutrients for moms and babies - and importantly, alleviate soreness - so you can get back to enjoying your day!


Steffen & Mirjam Leopoldsberger
Our Doula experience with you Kristin was wonderful!! You picked us up where we were at and gently walked us through a really difficult time of our family life. Thank you so much. For me personally you…
Liz Payne
Kristin was a God send to us. My husband and I wanted a homebirth and Kristin was the perfect match for us. We felt very comfortable in her presence, confident in her ability and knowledge, and able to…
Tamara Rasheed
Kristin was the midwife that delivered my 4th child at home and it was an amazing experience. She was an advocate for me and allowed me to take control of my home birth in a way that I was most comfortable…
April Sartor
Kristin is an amazing doula. She was always very professional with us and she was very dependable. She helped me to face the fears that I had about giving birth. She has a very calming and warm way about…
Shayla Bruyneel
When I became pregnant with my second child, I wanted a different birthing experience than my first. The first time around had me questioning the professionals, why they did or didn't do something. The…
Jen Henderson
I have worked alongside Kristin for several years in my own work as a doula and assisting her at midwifery births. In my time with Kristin, I've witnessed many lovely, gentle births that likely would not…
Kerry Lacey
Kristin is a true professional that cares and researches family solutions that help to ensure an amazing birth experience!
James & Mildred Withcer
My experience with my home birth was surreal!  I felt as if I were on television.  My husband and I received excellent care.My midwives and doula's were most professional.  We were surrounded by skilled…
Michael & Renée Deming
We're so glad we took our Lamaze classes from Kristin instead of through our hospital. The knowledge we gained about risks and alternative solutions gave us the confidence to be advocates for our baby…
Tressa Glavin Priehs
Kristin was great, such an amazing source of support and knowledge leading up to the birth of our twins. After they were born 7 weeks early, Kristin came to my home to help me as I tried to breast feed,…
Ken Kruchkow
Kristin was part of our birth team for my first two girls. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and respected our wishes in the birth plan. Thank you Kristin, you were great!
Crystal Kelley
Kristin is an amazing doula and birth support. I had a very complicated birthing situation, and Kristin was a backup for my doula. When my doula had another client in labor at the same time as I was, Kristin…
Lauren Tritt
My husband and I decided late in my pregnancy that we wanted to have a natural/unmedicated birth and decided that we would need a doula to help. We met with Kristin and right away we knew we met our doula!!…
Shannon Tierney
Kristin is my accidental doula! She taught the birthing class that my husband and I attended, but never completed, our son came 6 weeks early. The day after we brought him home, we found out my husband's…
Paul Potts & Ayana Knox Potts
Hello, here are some wonderful pictures of two children you prepared me for, Ajani (now 8) and Khamani (now 5). I am also sending you pictures of Anaya and Amari and Jabari because I would not have been…
Janine Habenicht
We are so glad that Kristin supported us during the birth of our first child. Always in control, patient, calm and thoughtful about all the comfort measures for natural childbirth and everyone's well-being.…
Jennie Joseph
Kristin epitomizes service, heart and dedication. She is the ultimate professional and her vast experience contributes to her ability to support pregnant and parenting women and families with the utmost…
Chip & Leya Dixon
Our doula Kristin Lacy was there every step of the way for us. She really was the mediator between us and the doctors. She has such a warm heart and spirit that made the birth of our baby girl wonderful. …
Julie Cotant
Kristin is a great doula and provided wonderful services! I thought she spent a lot of time with us before the birth, which made me feel comfortable and as though we were getting a lot of value for her…
Tim, April, and Ben Sartor
We cannot thank Kristin enough for helping us to prepare for a natural child birth. Kristin is an amazing doula and she helped me to face the fears that I had about giving birth. She has a very calming…
Kourtney Neloms
I trained as a breastfeeding peer counselor under Kristin and will be forever grateful for the experience. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. She was forthcoming about past professional…
Toria Turner
I have had the pleasure if being a pupil of Kristin's. She taught me so much and shared a wealth of knowledge with the whole class. I feel as though he gave me the confidence and counsel I needed to get…
Jean Getz
Kristen provided almost all of my prenatal care during my pregnancy. She was very professional and knowledgeable, while maintaining a caring, comfortable relationship with me and my husband. I felt very…
Michelle Anne
I will begin by saying that my husband and I did a lot of research and took a lot of classes throughout our pregnancy to become as knowledgable and prepared as possible (as possible as it is when having…
Jennifer Peeples
There were two people who meant the most to me during my labor, and that was my husband and Kristin! Kristin supplied so much support and guidance to my husband and I, that I could not have seen myself…
Rachael Williams
Kristin came into my life when I thought I was stuck with a not so nice OB, she reassured me I wasn't asking for too much (a quiet setting, dim lights, no one telling me to push, and my son being placed…
Wendy Henn
I met Kristen when I was just contemplating a doula for the hospital birth of my 3rd baby. After a couple of visits with her, I was not only convinced that I wanted her to be by my side during the birth,…
Scott Ruggles
I have known Kristin for a number of years now and during that time I have witnessed what a kind and caring individual she is. She is very dedicated to her profession and gives it her all. When I have…
Melissa 'Litrichin' Vize
Kristin is an amazingly gentle soul who I had the pleasure of her attending my first-born's home birth. She is so kind and talented. She is innovative of thought and technique as well!!! Don't hesitate…
Robin Azzopardi
Kristin was our doula. But she really was so much more! She gave me confidence throughout my pregnancy, labor, and birth. Kristin will always be a part of our family!
Lakia Brown
I never had the pleasure of Kristin assisting me in my birthing experience but I have learned so much from her. Kristin was my trainer in a breastfeeding peer counselor class that prepared me to become…
Stella Debiaggi
Kristin was my doula for my first baby in 2009. If it wasn't for her, I don't think that I could have handled the labor as well.
Keelia Kentor
Kristin was a fantastic doula. She was supportive, comforting and resourceful. When my husband and I needed her most, she was there. Hiring Kristin as my doula was the single best decision we made regarding…
Gregory, Ma. Elyn, and Savino Gibbs
My family would like to publicly thank both Kristin and Wendy for allowing us to experience a wonderful and natural birth for our baby boy that we dreamed of.  From the start of their prenatal care, through…